Global Real Estate Advisor Salary


Whether you’re interested in commercial, retail, or industrial properties, real estate is an expansive market that can play a critical role in the economy. According to Grand View Research, the global real estate industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.2% through 2030.

A career in real estate provides the opportunity to earn a substantial income, and successful real estate professionals can make millions of dollars per year in lucrative deals and commissions. However, achieving these high earnings typically requires significant experience and expertise, as well as a strong network of clients.

The average salary for a global real estate advisor is around $78,449 based on company location, job title, and other factors. The global real estate advisor salary range can vary from a low of $48,189 to a high of $88,915. Also read

To help prepare graduates to thrive in the field, Georgetown McDonough’s M.S. in Global Real Assets program offers a dedicated career team that partners with students on their career goals and supports them through the interview process to ensure they’re ready for their next steps. As a part of this commitment, the McDonough Career Center has long standing relationships with real estate firms throughout Washington, D.C. and globally and an extensive list of alumni who have been hired by these organizations.


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